Some important details!


So obviously the more we make the cheaper the production cost of the t-shirts and caps will be and more money can be donated for a great cause. With the help of a couple of supportive locals, we have together invested in the first batch of t-shirts and caps. These are currently into production and we are hoping to have the first orders processed and dispatched as soon as they are ready. 

 Shipping is via local courier and (not included in the total cost.) Shipping times include local printing time and we'll be as quick as we can!

Alternatively you can collect the your merchandise from our HQ at JBC2, Cluster V, 2905.


Charitable contributions

Watch this space!



Our FUN designs!

We've got heaps of ideas! But we've got to start things off with a realistic number of designs so we don't over commit on production. If we build momentum, we will introduce new designs and we plan to reach out to the creative community to crowdsource some further designs. Let's see what happens.

With respect to t-shirt styles and caps, we are keeping it simple to begin with. Mens t-shirts are  are lightweight and fit great. For women we are using a Scoop T shirt.